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Title: [NEW] Bolt Version 2.0 Beta Released With Tab Support
Post by: phaipunk on March 30, 2010, 08:33:45 am

BOLT has released BOLT 2.0 with a lots of new features and optimizations designed to improve usability and stability, including Support for Tabbed browsing, Facebook integration, post messages, links or URLs from any page displayed in BOLT directly to your Facebook account without navigating away from the currently viewing. Each new version of BOLT becomes more exciting to announce with add-on some new features lets see whats more.

Bitstream Inc. since BOLT was first introduced in February 2009, 700 million pages viewed, 190 million minutes of video watched, 180 terabytes of data transferred, and over 5 million users. Today they announced Beta availability of BOLT 2.0, the next generation of the BOLT mobile browser, one of the most fully featured browser for mobile phones of all types. Among the new features in the BOLT 2.0 Beta version is tighter integration with Facebook – by far the most popular domain visited by BOLT users around the world – including the ability to use Facebook’s instant messaging service and to seamlessly copy text or links and post them to a Facebook account directly from within the BOLT browser. The most important new feature of BOLT 2.0 is the addition of tabbed browsing, letting people simultaneously browse multiple websites and easily switch between them.

BOLT 2.0 is capable to run on all types of mobile phones, from low-end feature phones to high-end smartphones. BOLT is the only major WebKit-based cloud computing browser and is built to deliver a PC-like browsing experience on mobile phones.
The main features in BOLT 2.0 Beta:

    * Perfect rendering of Web pages on any class of phone, scoring 100 percent on the Web Standard’s project Acid3 test.
    * Streaming video from many of the world’s most popular video sharing websites, including YouTube, MySpace, Blip.TV and MetaCafe, as well as websites that stream videos such as CNN, ESPN and any website with embedded YouTube videos.
    * Fast download speeds.
    * Download/Upload manager.
    * Copy-paste text.
    * Built-in integration with Twitter and Facebook.
    * Password manager.
    * Ability to run Web-based applications written in Ajax, Javascript and other Web programming languages, ranging from Google docs to Mafia Wars.
    * The inclusion of widgets, standalone mobile applications that are run directly from the browser, such as a weather app, calendar app, calculator, Twitter client and others. These widgets let people using any phone take part in the mobile apps revolution.
    * Best of breed over-the-air data compression, resulting in faster load times and decreased data usage.
    * Patented split screen viewing to make surfing complicated Web pages simple, and viewing content on the smallest of screens easy.

Additional notable upgrades in BOLT 2.0 include a faster widget gallery with updated user interface and a server upgrade to WebKit 4.03.

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Free Direct Download Link for Bolt 2.0 Beta: Bolt 2.0.jar ( (235 KB)

or KLIK HERE ($chyjcir0lerRpdquCKeAu796URXNqZ3q/8232d8fee9/?/Bolt%202.0%20Beta.jar)

Or attched  :) enjoy it


Title: Re: [NEW] Bolt Version 2.0 Beta Released With Tab Support
Post by: renjie on April 13, 2010, 06:33:45 am
I cant stream videos on youtube... can you help me with the settings??