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MP Mixed By jzzz

Started by jzzz, April 10, 2009, 10:42:59 AM

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April 10, 2009, 10:42:59 AM Last Edit: April 10, 2009, 11:45:36 AM by are_goenk
Sorry about yesterday,this info about my MP,,

Info about my MP:

Firmware : R373_G_0E.30.49R
Flex : flex GCKKGLO900SPLA0A3
DSP : 6252A000
GT/PT : Mixed by Me
Syssound : Mixed by Me
Tech : Quad-band GSM (850/1900 and 900/1800)
Language : 002E English 6 fonts

Fonts : 
-Niagara Solid

Phone Memory:
Total    :  9360 kb
Free it's about 2mb++

XpressMedia (only one skin,for more free space)

- Alkitab Go Bible (Indonesian Version)
- Call of Duty-World at war
- Dictaphone
- eBuddy
- FantasyWorlds
- Gangstar-Crime City
- Ghost Rider
- MGA Mobile
- Microsoft Word
- Mini Commander v4.0
- MP3 tools
- PD English-Indonesia
- ReadManiac
- Student Calculator
- The Incredibles Adventures
- The Sims 2 Mobile
No corelets was installed in this MP.

-- Abolish Alarm OFF from list
-- Abolish control by illumination Java
-- Access function from corelets
-- Access main menu everywhere
-- Access to seem 004a from corelets
-- Add new simbol
-- Analog n no clock
-- Auto delivery report sms
-- Auto unlock keypad when sms arrive
-- Autokeypad lock
-- Autostart Java from DateBook
-- Batt indicator expand
-- Bg in player v2.1
-- Blacklist
-- Brightness
-- BT Time up to 5 minutes
-- Camera button 1x camera 2x videocam
-- Cancelation check signature java
-- Canvas all keys
-- Change display timeout activity
-- Change font operator
-- Change in the re-activation of the Alarm Clock to 5 minutes
-- Change keypad lock unlock
-- Change menu opcode
-- Change menu sound,pic,video
-- Change ringstyle with Menu+#
-- Change simbols order
-- Change zoom
-- Changes the record format YY-MM-DD_HHMM
-- Clock in keypad lock message status
-- Clock on SS
-- Complete access to the file (Java,BT,OBEX)
-- Elfpacks
-- Flashlight star+star
-- Green call dialled & received calls
-- Icon of alarm clock in ss
-- Icon of received calls in ss
-- Increasing bell replaced the Preferred Card
-- Java black background
-- Java full access patch
-- Java key
-- Java with the cable works
-- Keypad block in menu
-- Keysound replace Battery Savings
-- Master Clear & Master Reset Failure
-- Media search
-- Mma skin
-- MP3 bitrate up to 320kb
-- New date format
-- New increase heap,Midlets & Corelets 1500 kb
-- New recent call
-- No busy audio channels by lowbatt tone
-- No del call on sim change
-- No sound volume
-- No Java Icon
-- Patch 6 fonts
-- Pseudo Playlist
-- Quick access sound & picture
-- Reflect corelet in the list java
-- Removal limitation system file
-- Removal unnecessary TF folder
-- Remove checking safety and addresses
-- Remove drm the protection.fpa
-- Remove ID the melody of subscriber from sms
-- Remove status line
-- Resolution up to 1280x1024
-- Set default Rsoft in web sessions
-- Sort date or alphabet in animation
-- SPeed UP
-- Status light
-- Store foto without menu
-- Time and Name in the list of the alarm clock
-- Unlock all seem
-- Update time interval sms reminder 2m_2m_2m

LRCPlayer as Corelet,and possible to play musics with Lyrics.

Shortcuts keys:
- Menu + Menu ==> back to Main Menu
- Menu + Red ==> lock keys
- Menu + Green ==> unlocking keys
- Menu + *  ==> change ringstyle
- Menu + 0  ==> opcode
- * + *  ==> flashlight
- 0 + *  ==> Pictures
- 0 + #  ==> Sounds
- Camera button ==> 1x to Picture Cam, 2x to Video Cam

Thx to:
All MP's Author and Modders

- Phone Unlock Code : 1234
- Phone Security Code : 000000
- To Delete, Move, Copy, or Assign to Categories for files on Sound,
   Pictures, and Video...you have to Mark the file first with button 0

Download from this link:
waiting for new link


Sorry I'm Forgot,,
This MP is only for BL 07.DO.
Hope you enjoy it.


Great job jzzz :)
But I suggest you to remove all java games in your MP because they are warez, and not allowed to be shared in this forum.
I'm so sorry I have to remove your download link.
You can give me new download link after you remove all the games.


But it allowed in e398mod.com?
I found many old MP with some java games.


make sure that is not copyrighted.. some free games..i think


I take all that games from free download websites,is it copyrighted?
How to look it warez or not?


I got many games from old MP in e398mod.com,
for example:
Warrior within
Prince of persia 4
Mission Impossible 3
Metal slug
POP two thrones
Open season
Zuma,and many more.
Is it warez?
Why it allowed?


                                        Indonesian Motousers Community


Ok,i see.
But,Why apps in java is allowed?


What apps? The apps for our moto is free software.. The creator make it not for money.. Except some tools like flashbackup 3(warez when licence key inserted), motorepairstudio (paid software),etc..

                                        Indonesian Motousers Community



see many people can install the games themself with no problems... MPs should better not share java stuff - it's easy enough for everybody.


Link was moved to new topic.


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